51 years and two generations of success


30 km away from Rome, the Camping Internazionale is located in a privileged position between Trevignano Romano and Anguillara Sabazia. Surrounded by the green area of the so-called “Parco naturale dei due Laghi” and adjacent to Lake Bracciano, it offers unique, exceptional moments characterised by stunning sunsets and cool breezes.

An ideal position to visit the centre of Rome or to experience the architectural landscape and conviviality of the area, today the Camping Internazionale is the only place that can provide this opportunity.

Equipment, logistics and meticulous care from the catering area, combined with half a century of experience and tradition provided by the management of the Carranos, place this establishment amongst the best in the field.


51 years and two generations of success

It all began in far 1967, from a bright intuition of my father-in-law Giovanni Carrano, an illustrious Belgian industrialist. His family used to regularly spend several months Italy during the summer, Rome captivated their imagination and the long tours gave free rein to the need for a break and the BRACCIANO LAKE was the perfect match

This lake that inspired several renowned poets such as D’Annunzio and the history, literature and proximity to Rome made it seem like the ideal development opportunity, just like travelling makes us all discover “l’amor che move il sole e l’altre stelle” (the Love that moves the sun and the other stars).

For this reason, Trevignano Romano, the joyful community residing under the skyline of this area, tells us about Italy’s splendor and its roots; so, Giovanni Carrano chose the most suitable location on the lake to develop a camping business and welcome travelers in an area that could recount stories and evoke emotions: that peaceful haven that we all dream of, so he created the Camping Internazionale. From that moment on, the family tradition started to put down its roots: love, devotion, respect, passion for travel and knowledge thus became the cornerstones of this business.

The family works to ensure that Rome and its unique features become the beating heart of their work. Food and wine tradition, consistent with a safe and healthy environment, is the hallmark of the CAMPING INTERNAZIONALE LAGO DI BRACCIANO’s Cuisine.

Nature, love and quality for guests are all keywords that this family desires and encourages; the camping breathes the lives of its guests, who admire it and reciprocate that perfusion of “love” which makes them experience the careful arrangements prepared since its opening, everything inspires this, everything is perfectly harmonized with the peace of those people who wish for enchantment to be at the very core of their vacation and retreat.

Each corner of the camping looks out to the horizon where the lake harmonizes with the landscape and even the pool appears immersed in it; in fact, a simple dive makes visitors feel like they are plunging in the poplar, plane trees and eucalypti and the surrounding hills makes them feel warmly embraced.

Luciana Gattabria


  • Always prove its professionalism by offering you a warm personal reception.
  • Always pay attention to you: meet your expectations and accommodate your requests.
  • Respect the environment.
  • Rispettare l'ambiente.
  • Innovate incessantly in order to constantly improve the quality of your vacations.