The Management of the Camping in welcoming you notes that the access to the campsite involves the full acceptance and compliance with the rules hereunder, in order to guarantee a serene and pleasant stay for everyone. Accordingly, entering into the campsite implies full acceptance of the conditions set forth herein.

The entrance of vehicles (one per pitch or unit is included in the price) is allowed only following the registration of the license plate at check-in. You are required to verify the accuracy of the registrations and report any inconsistency. The opening and closing of the rising arm barrier is operated by an electronic plate reading system. The Management is authorized to deny access or remove from the establishment all vehicles that have not been duly registered.

For the care and safety of everyone concerned, vehicles must be used as less as possible. When such use is necessary, we ask that you please drive on the internal pathways of the camping at moderate speed and never exceed 5 km/h. Driving is not allowed at nighttime (11 pm – 7 am). From 2 pm to 4 pm we ask that you avoid disturbing other guests and respect their afternoon rest. 

The camping service is provided exclusively to groups composed by minimum one to maximum six members per pitch. The provision of such service shall be permitted only to groups whose members are all required to fully comply with the rules set forth herein. Visitors under the age of 20, that do not belong to a family unit nor are visiting other guests, shall be accommodated in a specific area within the accommodation facilities.    


Guests are allowed to receive visitors inside the accommodation facility and, if they own a vehicle, they are required to park it in the campsite’s parking lot. Visitors are allowed to enter only during the opening hours of the Reception Office, upon payment of the applicable fee and following the registration of the license plate of their vehicle. Visitors are required to hand over their identity card upon entrance. Minors are not allowed, unless they are accompanied by adults, who shall be responsible for their conduct during the entire stay at the accommodation facility. 


The Camping Internazionale reserves the right not to welcome, and therefore rejects, visitors who have not complied, or do not comply, with the requisites set forth hereunder. 

How to book and conditions

Please specify the number of guests including children.

Any variations to the number of people of a reservation must be notified to the office in writing at least 10 days before check-in. Guests are not required to book pitches in advance, though we strongly recommend booking in the period from 01.07 to 25.08. The booking of pitches is confirmed upon the receipt of a € 50.00 down payment. For housing units (reservation required) the deposit is of 30% of the total amount of the stay. In the event of cancellation (housing units), guests are required to pay the cost of the full booked period.  Management reserves the right to reoccupy any pitch or unit that has been vacated in advance. 

Failure to arrive within 8 pm on the day of arrival, without giving notice of the delay (no-shows), is considered a cancellation of the reservation and shall result in the application of a penalty equal to 100% of the booked stay.


Arrival and registration

The reception of guests and the registration formalities shall be carried out at the Reception Office in the opening hours displayed at the entrance of the accommodation facility. Guests shall hand over their identity documents and fill in the “Arrival Statement”, a document necessary for all registrations provided for by the Italian Law, and are required to read the Internal Rules. By signing this document, Guests accept to fully comply with the rules therein. In the event of variations relating to occupants, services or visitors, Guests undertake to inform the Reception office. If the component of a group is found without registration, such component shall be charged from the 1st day of arrival of the group to which it refers.

Reception Opening Hours: 8 am/1 pm – 4 pm/8 pm

Rising Arm Barrier opening hours: from 7 am to 2 pm and from 4 pm to 11 pm

Pitch allocation

The pitch is allocated by the Management which may, according to the circumstances, accommodate the requests of courteous Guests. The reservation of the pitch only guarantees the stay in areas that are available upon arrival. More than one group for each pitch is not allowed and any equipment that exceeds more than one car plus a tent or more than one car plus a caravan or more than one camper, is considered an extra on the pricelist and is, therefore, quoted separately. Guests may settle the payment only at check-out during the opening hours of the Reception Office.

Occupying a different pitch from the one allocated is allowed only upon the express written authorization of the Reception Office and following the completion of a new registration procedure. The electrical connection is allowed only by rubberized cable as per ECC standards, which must be placed on the ground and must not cross the main pathways. The length of the cable must not exceed 25 meters and there must be no connections from the caravan or tent to the electrical column.

Housing units

The housing unit shall be available from 4 pm on the day of arrival and must be vacated by 10 am on the date of departure. Management guarantees the type but not the indicative unit number. Late arrivals or early departures that are not attributable to the campsite management (damage, harsh weather, illness, waivers, etc.) cannot be refunded. 

The prices relating to the various housing units give guests the right to park one car free of charge (strictly in the Camping’s parking lot) and to use water, electricity, and gas, and include 10% VAT.

The housing units cannot be occupied by a higher number of guests that expected, and shall result in the cancellation of the booking at the site.

Each additional guest shall pay the fees relating to the booking period (high-low season) indicated in the campsite’s pricing list.

The booking deposit shall be restituted only if the cancellation was made at least 30 days prior to the date of arrival.

The lease package does not include the provision of bed sheets. Bed linen is provided at € 7.00 p.p.

The price of the final cleaning service shall depend upon the type of lodging booked and can be of € 20.00 – € 25.00 – € 35.00 – € 40.00 – € 50.00; tents or manufactures of any kind cannot be pitched in the areas reserved for the housing units.

The housing units must be vacated in the morning on the departure date by 10 am and must be duly cleaned, in order, and undamaged. Failure to comply with such indications shall result in the charge of € 50.00 – € 100.00 extra for cleaning services and, in case of damage, the Reception shall provide a list containing all amounts due in such event.

The security deposit shall be returned after the perfect condition of the housing units has been verified and after the keys and the receipt certifying the deposit has been handed over at the Reception. Courteous guests are required to report to the staff at reception, within one hour of their arrival, if they notice any items missing, after inspecting the inventory in the housing unit.  Smoking inside the housing units is forbidden and we expect that guests do not leave cigarette butts on the floor. Guests are also forbidden to take any piece of furniture outside, including pillows and blankets (for hygiene purposes). 



Guests shall leave the accommodation facility on their date of departure by:

1 pm, for guests staying in campers, caravans or tents;

10 am, for guests staying in the housing units.


The payment for the stay, and for any other additional service that has not been settled upfront, is allowed only during the opening hours of the Cash Office. The payment must be settled within the day before the departure, except for any advance payments requested by the Management, at its own unquestionable discretion. Guests are required to exhibit the tax documentation evidencing the payment to the personnel in charge at the exit of the facility.

Payment method for housing units

Upon arrival, the entire stay period must be settled plus € 100.00 deposit and the final cleaning service which may vary according to the chosen unit category, € 20.00 – € 25.00 – € 35.00 – € 40.00.

Abandonment of reservations for pitches (€ 50.00 deposit)

In case of cancellation, which must be notified, in writing, 30 days prior to arrival, the reservation shall be cancelled and 20% of the deposit shall be retained. Up to 15 days prior to arrival, the entire amount of the deposit shall be withheld, and for less than 15 days prior to arrival, 100% of the entire booked period shall be withheld. 

In case of interruption of the stay, guests are required to pay the entire booked amount and shall lose the right to re-occupy the pitch.

Abandonment of reservations for housing units

In case of cancellations, which must be notified in writing 30 days prior to arrival, the reservation shall be cancelled and the entire amount paid for the deposit shall be withheld, 15 days prior to arrival, 80% of the amount paid for the stay shall be withheld and less than 15 days prior to arrival, 100% of the amount paid for the stay shall be withheld. If the full amount for the stay is paid upon booking, in case of cancellations made 30 days prior to arrival, 30% of the amount paid shall be retained, 15 days prior to arrival, 70% of the amount paid shall be retained, and less than 15 days prior to arrival, 100% of the amount paid for the stay is withheld. 

In case of interruption of the stay, guests are required to pay the entire booked amount and shall lose the right to re-occupy the unit.


Upon registration, guests who are staying in the housing units shall be required to pay the amount of €100.00 in cash (or leave the credit card number as warranty) free of interest, as deposit for any damage that may be caused to items, equipment or supplies. The deposit shall be returned upon departure, after the staff has verified that the unit is in good conditions, otherwise the value for the damage caused shall be charged.

Rules of conduct for guests and their visitors


Respect for vegetation

Altering in any manner and by any means the flora within the property is forbidden. Tying plants in order to use them as support for cover or for hanging clothes is prohibited. Guests are also not allowed to pour any kind of liquid on the plants. 

Lighting fires

Lighting open fires within the entire area of the accommodation facility and its related appurtenances is forbidden. The foregoing shall be without prejudice to the more restrictive regulations of the Authorities in charge of safeguarding and preserving the heritage. The use of barbecues is authorized strictly on days when there is no “moderate” wind blowing, with an intensity higher than 3 on a Beaufort scale (Aeolic speed between 5.5 and 8 m/s). The use of gas stoves within the pitches is authorized at a distance of at least 1 meter from the surrounding greenery.

Waste disposal   

Throwing waste outside the appropriate containers in compliance with the current legislation on differentiated waste collection (such regulation may be requested to the Management) is forbidden. Discharging wastewater, of any kind whatsoever, outside the dedicated sanitary facilities located inside the accommodation facility (mandatory procedure for the discharge of wastewater from caravans and campers) and/or outside the toilets is prohibited.

Use of cables and electrical equipment

Obstructing pathways inside the accommodation facility with cables and/or any other tool used for the distribution of electrical power is forbidden; guests are also not allowed to lay down cables and/or tools on the surrounding vegetation. The accommodation facility staff is expressly authorized to immediately disconnect without prior notice any cable and/or tool in violation of the preceding section. The same authorization is given in the case of electrical connections that do not comply with the current regulations.

Respect for quiet time

Any conduct which may disrupt the peace within the accommodation facility and its related appurtenances, or on the beach, if forbidden. The use of loudspeakers is not allowed. In order to keep the peace during the hours displayed inside the accommodation facility and, however, specified in the House Rules, setting up or folding camping equipment, speaking in a loud voice that is inappropriate for the kind of serenity that we seek to preserve in such period, and using mechanical means is forbidden. Guests are also not allowed to strip naked or to go “topless” inside the property; also children are not allowed to remove their clothing in stores, restaurants or bars.


Pets are allowed inside the property. To consult the rules on pets, please refer to the instructions listed in the specific regulations.

Alteration of the pitches

Altering in any way the allocated pitches is forbidden, unless such action is justified by hostile weather conditions that may endanger the safety of people and/or items; in such circumstance, guests are required to immediately restore the condition of the site, at their own care and expense, as soon as such weather conditions cease.


Children under the age of 3 years and above the age of 12 are not allowed inside the static playground. Access is exclusively allowed to children who are accompanied by adults who accept to be responsible for their care under all legal purposes.

Access and use of vehicles within the property


The access of campers to the accommodation facility is allowed only if they are regularly approved, also for lodging purposes, by the competent authorities. The staff of the Reception Office may request to verify such documents. Campers may be stationed in the pitches reserved for such purpose.


Minors are allowed to access the playground only under the supervision of their parents. Bicycles and balls are not allowed inside the playground. The appointed staff is authorized to confiscate bicycles from minors who are found riding them within the campsite premises at a speed limit that may endanger others; such bicycle shall be handed over to the adult who is responsible for the minor.

Speed limits

The speed limit within the accommodation facility is 5 km/h.

Parking lots

The accommodation facility is equipped with parking lots, located in the appurtenant areas. Obstructing the exits by any means is strictly prohibited and may lead to the forced removal of the obstacle. 


Management declines all responsibility for accidents or damages due to imprudence or inexperience.

2. All guests are required to wear a swimming cap inside the pool.

3. Before entering the pool, guests are required to wash in the showers and rinse their feet in the foot bath.

4. Bathing is forbidden to guests with skin diseases, injuries, open wounds, warts, bandages or patches.

5. Guests are not allowed inside the pool with fins, masks or any other item that may put others in danger.

6. Smoking is forbidden in the entire pool area.

7. Alcoholic beverages cannot be taken inside the pool and guests who are under the influence of alcohol are not allowed inside the pool and shall be removed.

9. Practicing apnea is forbidden.

10.  Inflatable matrasses, balls and similar items are not allowed inside the pool.

11. Animals are not allowed in the pool area.

13. Running, diving, jumping and pushing is not allowed in the pool area.

14. Management declines all responsibility for theft, accidents or damage to people or items caused by the imprudence of pool guests and is also not responsible for objects that are left unattended in the pool area.

15. The pool may be closed at any time for hygiene or technical reasons, for the length of time needed to restore the safety of guests.

16. Children under the age of 12 must be accompanied by a parent or adult who is responsible for their supervision.

17. Inexperienced swimmers are required to wear armbands or life jackets.

18. Infants are required to wear underwear over their nappies.

19. We recommend guest to avoid bathing for at least 2 hours after a big meal. 

20. The service staff is authorized to intervene at any time in the event of failure to comply with these rules and may choose to remove defaulters or individuals who exhibit an inappropriate conduct. 

Emergency Management

In case of fire

In such circumstance guests must reach, in an orderly manner, the “temporary meeting” points indicated by the appropriate signage, where the emergency team shall guide them to the general meeting points at the entrance of the accommodation facility.

In case of other emergencies

In case of sanitary, catastrophic natural events, situations that may threaten public safety or inconveniences which may occur at the lake: please contact the Camping staff, if available.


Responsibility of guests and/or visitors

Guests and/or their visitors are personally liable towards the Camping Internazionale and/or third parties for damages or injuries caused, whether directly or indirectly, to people and/or items, as consequence of the violation of the internal rules herein. Campers are required to carefully safeguard their personal items. Management declines all liability in case of lost or stolen items that were not left in its custody.  Management also declines all responsibility for damages to vehicles, caravans or other property caused by branches and/or pine cones. 

Responsibility of Camping Internazionale – Camping Internazionale declines all responsibility for lost or stolen items or possessions, for injury or damage to persons or items that are not directly caused by the negligence of a staff member of the Camping Internazionale, and for damages, disservices or breakdowns caused by hostile weather conditions or acts of God.